WordPress 3.3 is Here!

Here at Think Around Corners, we’re big users of WordPress to develop not only blogs, but full-blown websites. It’s our favorite tool. So, when WP makes a (relatively) big upgrade to their interface, we’re reporting!

It’s all C.R.A.P.: Four Principles of Design

It’s all C.R.A.P.: Four Principles of Design

2 Geeks talk about Design! What a bunch of C.R.A.P.! There are four principles of design that we want you to get under your belt.

Google Map Fail: Ya better swim.

Even More Madness. Even more map fails for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy – G.

2GeeksThinking: Quick and Dirty User Testing

A quick and dirty method of user testing, based on the wonderful book by Steve Krug, Don’t Make Me Think. User testing? Yes, user testing! It’s fast, it’s free, and it can save you THOUSANDS of dollars over your web development cycle. Learn what C’mere testing, Geek out! – Gregory & Mark

Measuring Multi-Channel Media for Campaigns

Great video I recently watched on measuring Google Analytics campaigns: If you’re serious about tracking campaigns through AdWords / CPC, Email newsletters, or Affiliate marketing, this video will sum it up for you. What’s In There… When you track Google Analytics Campaigns across channels, it’s important to define each channel so the data is clear. Watching this video gives you access to a few very powerful tools, including a bulk.

Our New Video Series: 2 Geeks Thinking

We start a new video series today for all you Geeks out there!

Google Analytics introduces Multi-Channel Funnels

Though release is limited, multi-channel funnels is coming to Google Analytics! Why is this important? For one, not every conversion (goal) is as straight-forward as… “customer comes to website > sees product > buys product > everyone’s happy” – there might be many blushes with the idea of purchasing a product – or signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a white paper. Understanding what led to a purchase or.

Google Analytics Simple Advanced Segmentation: “True” Visitors

Is your visitor traffic “true” traffic? So you’re getting 500+ visitors per day. But are they really ‘engaged’ with your website? Do they stick around? Are the lookie-loos or serious visitors?

Where are you putting your social media energy?

Here at TAC, we’re always trying to get great feedback from our readers, and want your opinion on where you’re spending your social efforts… And we’ll be talking about this and more at the group that I organize, the FCOMG! Would you take a 15 second poll? [HTML1]

On The Lake Podcast 13: A Culture of Testing

Listen: OTL 13 – A Culture of TestingSet up some goals (but not too many) to achieve more goals throughout the year. We also include an action plan that we use to make your goals real and followable. Podcast Links:

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