What do our clients have to say?

Again, thank you, thank you for all your help with everything. After two horribly-frustrating previous experiences, I was “once bitten twice shy” so working with you was a very pleasant surprise. I look forward to working with you again.

Erin Ossewarde, United We Stand, LLC

I engaged Greg to help us take our business website from zero placement on Google to page one for our target audience. Unlike a lot of websites, we actually wanted customers to call us, but only certain qualified customers. Greg helped us put together a campaign that ensured we only received calls from qualified customers. This very much helped with our conversion rates and reduced time and money spent on non-producing leads. Though our investment in the seo of our site was significant, we more than made it back in the business it produced.

Cathy Shaver, SG Financial

Greg’s work on our web site has yielded tremendous results. Visitors to our site increased nearly 40% in just two months and we’ve almost doubled the leads generated from our pages. Greg is always available to answer questions about new and existing pages, as well as instruct our employees on new WordPress features and capabilities. Thanks to Greg and his team, our web site is back on track for attracting and converting high quality leads. www.cuttingedgeinfo.com

Elio Evangelista, Director of Research, Cutting Edge Information

Greg took our site to the moon! We have TEN TIMES the hits we had last year!

Eric Hamor, Hot Spots Reservation Service

Gregory Cox and his company, Think Around Corners, is one of the most effective, straight-forward, and fun companies with which you can work. His personal direction, dedication to details, and intense creative ability are the best attributes you can ask for in any contractor. I have never received such a personalized experience from a company before than I have from Greg’s company. If you have any questions about Web Design and Development, Analytics, Strategy, Design, or Internet Marketing, you want to be doing business with Greg and “Think Around Corners.” This man will set you up with the best of the best!

Kenneth Cossin, Course Director, Full Sail University

The bottom line: Think Around Corners helped us build our online presence and market it right through search engines. After only TWO MONTHS, we broke-even. Incredible. Our site continues to be profitable, and we could not have done it without Greg’s help. Why did we wait so long?

Annie Puetz, Manager, Villa Rosa Inn

In the year since we began work, Gregory’s marketing consulting services have been the most influential on my business’ profits of any vendor I do business with. What I spent on his service’s consulting fees have translated into approximately a 500% return on investment in less than one year. I rely heavily on my website to attract cash-paying clients for in-person consulting services (psychotherapy and executive coaching), and Gregory’s consulting skills – both strategically and technically – helped me to go from relative obscurity to very consistently among the highest NATURAL rankings of the major search engines.
You can hire him with confidence that you have to spend hundreds to make thousands; turning cyber-flax into gold! Working with Gregory Cox is a strategic alliance that every business that needs an online marketing presence should have.

Ken Howard, Los Angeles Therapist

Gregory’s vast understanding of Web promotion and marketing is only surpassed by his ability to design and implement a complete, successful web marketing campaign. If you have a website and would like more/better-targeted traffic, he can help you!

Michael Bott, Senior Field Application Engineer, Talon Data Systems

“Not only has our web traffic practically doubled (this in the first 2 months of your service), but our inquiries and sales in the month of January are up about 200%. This translates into what I would approximate as an additional $5,000- $7,000 of income THIS MONTH ALONE– income that didn’t exist previously. All I can say is (happy client expletive) GGGRRREAAATTT WWWOOOORRRKKKK!!!!! Thanks a $$million (soon we hope literally) for all your efforts. Feel free to use me as a reference. You are a wizard. www.wavehunters.com

Henry Morales, Executive Director, WaveHunters

“Analytics gurus! TAC has an unparalleled understanding of how data makes the world go round. TAC brings to the table technical expertise and visionary insight that produces results.”

Nate Berger, KnockMedia LLC

Gregory did a terrific job on my website. I could tell that the finished product mattered a lot to him. He took the time to explain web design to a complete novice like myself and was constantly coming up with ideas that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. His input was invaluable to the final product and it turned out much better as a result. And I really appreciated his hard work and quick response to my many phone calls and emails- even at odd hours of the day. Looking at the crack-of-dawn time stamp on many of his emails, I still wonder what time he gets up in the morning!!

Phil Pacchiana, Veterinarian

Of all the things I have spent money on with advertising or web optimizing, Gregory Cox’ website creation and optimizing is the one and only thing that has given me a great return on my money. www.santabarbarahealthinsurance.com >

Steve Byrd, Santa Barbara Health Insurance