Gregory Cox

Gregory likes Motorcycles, Cooking, and Sciencey stuff.

Greg's Motorcycle.Gregory Cox, owner of Think Around Corners, graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with formal training in Biochemistry and Neuroscience. He was published as an undergraduate for his outstanding work in structural determinance of protein transporters (whatever THAT is).

Quickly, however, he felt a need to create a occupational destiny of his own. Drawing upon over 14 years experience with PC, Unix and Macintosh platforms, Gregory infused his creative talents with the online world to create a web design and promotion firm for small and large businesses alike.

In 2001, Gregory specialized in Web Marketing. Through 2011, he has expanded his services to incorporate the entire development process, including analytics and conversion optimization, with a specialty in e-commerce consulting.

He has helped over 70 clients on over 100 projects attain rankings, traffic, and customers online (with a 5:1 ROI, we might add). He finds just enough time to wander through the forests, do some great cooking, and have some friends over for dinner.