Universal Analytics: Your New ROI Calculator

Universal Analytics: Your New ROI Calculator

Universal Analytics is not Google Analytics version 6. Universal Analytics is touting to be the next evolutionary step in marketing analytics, moving towards a more “customer-centric” analytics program… far beyond Google Analytics.

Gregory Receives Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)!

Gregory Receives Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)!

 “Certifications make up for all that crap you learned.” – The Guru. The GAIQ: Well, it’s official. My name is Gregory Cox, and I decided to get my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) from Google. Took the test last week, passed with flying colors, thought you might want to know.

2GeeksThinking: Responsive Web Design

2GeeksThinking: Responsive Web Design

With so many devices being created in the consumer electronics world, creating a website for each device is not realistic. A better solution is to optimize for all devices, at once.

Measuring Multi-Channel Media for Campaigns

Great video I recently watched on measuring Google Analytics campaigns: If you’re serious about tracking campaigns through AdWords / CPC, Email newsletters, or Affiliate marketing, this video will sum it up for you. What’s In There… When you track Google Analytics Campaigns across channels, it’s important to define each channel so the data is clear. Watching this video gives you access to a few very powerful tools, including a bulk.

Google Analytics introduces Multi-Channel Funnels

Though release is limited, multi-channel funnels is coming to Google Analytics! Why is this important? For one, not every conversion (goal) is as straight-forward as… “customer comes to website > sees product > buys product > everyone’s happy” – there might be many blushes with the idea of purchasing a product – or signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a white paper. Understanding what led to a purchase or.

Google Analytics Simple Advanced Segmentation: “True” Visitors

Is your visitor traffic “true” traffic? So you’re getting 500+ visitors per day. But are they really ‘engaged’ with your website? Do they stick around? Are the lookie-loos or serious visitors?

Using In-Page Analytics to Determine Your Customer’s Needs

Understanding your customer’s needs means understanding what will sell. This means you can put your energy into promoting those products or services that your customer is interested in.

Google Analytics: Tracking “Router” Pages

<< See the Parent article on Functionalism Web Page Type #3: Routers. OK, it’s Router page time! No, this isn’t that funny little black or cool blue box that sits on top of your computer that makes your network go, this is a type of Functionalism page that allows people to drill down further into your site where they can find information valuable to them. Example: Go-Kart Racing. Before giving.

Google Analytics: Tracking “Engager” Pages

<< See the Parent article on Functionalism Web Page Type #2: Engagers. Another type of Functionalism page is the Engager. A splash (or home) page is an Engager; it says hello and give you something fun to look at. But it also drives you to view more. You can think of  the Engager as a page that allows you to  ‘home in’ on what you want. Engagers do 3 primary.

Google Analytics: Tracking “Completer” Pages

<< See the Parent article on Functionalism. Over the next 3 weeks we’re going to do something differently. Instead of doing our Tactics-Strategies-Vision thing, we’re going to do a series on Functionalism. Each article will be about one type of Functionalism page. Why are we doing this? Functionalism is very important. Google Analytics is very important (we’re assuming that you use it regularly!) Putting them both together will help you build.

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