Gregory Receives Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)!

Gregory Receives Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ)!

 “Certifications make up for all that crap you learned.” – The Guru. The GAIQ: Well, it’s official. My name is Gregory Cox, and I decided to get my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) from Google. Took the test last week, passed with flying colors, thought you might want to know.

6 Steps to Seasonal Marketing in a Recession

Having problems with seasonal customers? Perhaps the problem isn’t them. It’s you. Now, we’re not trying to sound adversarial. OK, we are, but read this article and you won’t feel so bad about the hit you took this year. Because I’ll show you 6 magical steps that you can take, right now – and next year, you’ll have a different experience with your “vacay” customers. The Setup. A client was.

The Essence of Kathleen, Part 1: Services & Segments

part 2: Goals & Essence > Being a solopreneur (that’s an entrepreneur with one person) is mostly about selling yourself. And a website is a great selling tool.  It’s low cost.  It’s cheap advertising.  It’s colorful and you can elaborate as much as you want. And even one person can design a kick-ass website for themselves these days. The tools are out there. So you build a website. So you spend time reading up on building.

How to focus on the right customer: Segmentation

In the last article, we talked about why client segmentation is important. Now we’re going to show you how to do it. It’s easy! Step by Step instructions. Please feel free to print out the Customer Segmentation Quadrant Template so you can follow along and fill stuff in! Step 1: Identify customer hurdles. Think of what hurdles your customer needs to conquer to make a purchase from you, product or service. It.

Are You Focusing On The Wrong Customer?

Ever feel like you’re wasting a HUGE amount of time? Ever get in front of someone and you right away know – JUST KNOW – that you’re not going to make a sale? Frustrating, isn’t it? Trying to sell to everyone doesn’t work. How many potential customers have you wasted time upon like this? Hours, days, weeks, MONTHS? How much in gas, emotional drain, time away from paying customers? Probably a lot..

This is a big fat image, and other lessons learned from blogging like a madman.

Psst… want to know how I screwed up? It’s time for self-reflection! Why don’t you come along and find out the greatest lessons learned about blogging (and how I screwed up along the way?) 30 articles, 90 days. Yep, we’re on track. We’ve done 30 articles in the past 3 months, and we’ve learned a long since Jan. 1. Are we satisfied yet with our progress? No! But we DO want.

Creating a Culture of Testing, Part 2 of 3: how to do build a simple test.

Struggling to improve your website? Do it fast and easy. Last week we covered the value of creating a culture of testing. This week we’re going to show you how to test simply, effortlessly, with incredible impact that will galvanize the troops and be super-fun in the process.

Blip: Interview with Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image

How can you start with social media marketing? Just last night I went to a great networking event in Stamford, CT. I met Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image, the speaker for the evening. He gave a mini-seminar about social media marketing (SMM) and how it can help your business. What did we learn? There are many ways to implement SMM, but what if you’re just starting? What can you do.

Stay Ahead of Your Market: Simple 5-Minute Trend Searching

Spotting trends in your industry – before your competitors do. There’s two great tools that I want you to look at. Google Trends and Google Insights for Search. These tools allow you to spot upcoming and cyclical trends in 5 minutes. But I bet that if you play with these tools, you’ll find that you can’t stop – there so easy and fun to use! What’s the benefit to me?.

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