Where are you putting your social media energy?

Here at TAC, we’re always trying to get great feedback from our readers, and want your opinion on where you’re spending your social efforts… And we’ll be talking about this and more at the group that I organize, the FCOMG! Would you take a 15 second poll? [HTML1]

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 5: Stay in Touch

Do you know what the image is, above? You should – it’s an RSS symbol. If you don’t know what RSS is, read this article. Staying in touch with your customers (or potential ones) is a critical step in maximizing revenue.  Some customers are just not going to buy from you upon first blush – that’s just the way the online sales world works. By the time they’re ready to.

Ping.fm – Speed Up Social Media Marketing, Correctly.

Are you a posting maniac? How long does it take you? If you’re like me, you’re trying to find ways of being efficient in business, and market yourself effectively, socially. And one way to do that is to find cool tools that help you move faster. Ping.fm helps on both accounts.

Blip: Interview with Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image

How can you start with social media marketing? Just last night I went to a great networking event in Stamford, CT. I met Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image, the speaker for the evening. He gave a mini-seminar about social media marketing (SMM) and how it can help your business. What did we learn? There are many ways to implement SMM, but what if you’re just starting? What can you do.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 3: Be Sticky

What is ‘Being Sticky’? Ever get to a page and feel like the information reads like this? >>> Other people feel the same way. Possibly about your website. Being sticky is kind of a mindset. You have to think creatively, but understand the deep-rooted principles of web design. You have to understand your customer intimately, and what drives them to buy, to read, to be enticed. The Benefit to Your.

The 7 Strategies to Internet Marketing Success

An 8-Part Series? Really? You better believe it. I want all of you out there to know how important this stuff is. this article + 7 strategies articles. This is the CORE of Internet marketing, what it’s all about. This is how I look at all online promotion services. It’s a system. And if you stick with me through these 7 Strategy articles, I guarantee that you’ll look at Internet marketing differently.

Newsreader Showdown

Newsreaders: The fast way to compile ‘growth’ information More about RSS and Newsreaders? You bet. Why? Newsreaders… What do I mean by that last remark? Well, I personally tend to take too many notes about ideas I have. Instead of creating a project folder for it, or building up a billion bookmarks, or printing out a bunch of information, I do a little searching on the web, find 1-3 RSS.


RSS Feeds are my life. If you’re crazy about RSS (Real Simple Syndication) like I am, and you don’t want to use a RSS reader like Google Reader, then you can get RSS feeds right in your Email Inbox. If you’re a complete newbie to RSS, think of it as a mini-ferret-for-the-web-on-steroids. Why check and recheck a number of websites day after day when you can set up your preferences.

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