Where are you putting your social media energy?

Here at TAC, we’re always trying to get great feedback from our readers, and want your opinion on where you’re spending your social efforts… And we’ll be talking about this and more at the group that I organize, the FCOMG! Would you take a 15 second poll? [HTML1]

Edit Videos within YouTube

Now there’s no excuse to not do video. Introducing YouTube’s Video Editor. It’s simple, as the video above shows. Just drag-drop-save and you’re done! Have fun!

Top 10 questions to evaluate SEO and Social Media experts.

Self-serving? Absolutely. Helpful to you? YES. I recently came across two really great articles about hiring someone like me. Let’s face it – sometimes you need a little help doing the whole SEO and Social Media thing. And that means you have to get the right person for the job. But how do you evaluate which person to hire? Enter 2 articles by Ian Lurie. I just loved these articles so.

Interview with gShiftLabs: Web Presence Optimization Software

Just back from SES… We just got back from Search Engine Strategies NYC 2010 – and it was a helluva lot of fun. We met a couple of the big boys & girls of the web (people from Google, Bing, Facebook) which was awe-inspiring. But we also met some smaller companies with brilliant minds. gShiftLabs is working on something called web presence optimization software, and that’s what this interview is.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 5: Stay in Touch

Do you know what the image is, above? You should – it’s an RSS symbol. If you don’t know what RSS is, read this article. Staying in touch with your customers (or potential ones) is a critical step in maximizing revenue.  Some customers are just not going to buy from you upon first blush – that’s just the way the online sales world works. By the time they’re ready to.

Ping.fm – Speed Up Social Media Marketing, Correctly.

Are you a posting maniac? How long does it take you? If you’re like me, you’re trying to find ways of being efficient in business, and market yourself effectively, socially. And one way to do that is to find cool tools that help you move faster. Ping.fm helps on both accounts.

Blip: Interview with Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image

How can you start with social media marketing? Just last night I went to a great networking event in Stamford, CT. I met Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image, the speaker for the evening. He gave a mini-seminar about social media marketing (SMM) and how it can help your business. What did we learn? There are many ways to implement SMM, but what if you’re just starting? What can you do.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 2: Drive Traffic

What is ‘Driving Traffic’? In this second of 7 steps (or strategies), we’ll talk about the traffic to your website. Note that this step is very close to What is the benefit to you? Traffic means potential customers. It’s just like a brick-and-mortar store; the more foot traffic you bring in, the more chances to sell or gain leads. But not just traffic, but targeted traffic. However, it is important.

The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter

Well, I just read the most comprehensive guide to everything Twitter. Tools, etiquette, everything. If you ever wanted to start up on Twitter, take ONE HOUR out of your Sunday and read this. Then, you won’t have to research social marketing for at least a month. – Gregory

LinkedIn Traffic Continues to Grow

Have a LinkedIn account already? Then review it, why don’t you. On LinkedIn, 6.3 million unique visits in December 2008 rocketed to 7.7 million in January 2009—driving up the average time on site by over 100%. LinkedIn continues to grow as THE tool for savvy business folk, because getting a good reference – whether looking for a job or trying to find your next programmer – is a powerful filtering.

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