6 Steps to Seasonal Marketing in a Recession

Having problems with seasonal customers? Perhaps the problem isn’t them. It’s you. Now, we’re not trying to sound adversarial. OK, we are, but read this article and you won’t feel so bad about the hit you took this year. Because I’ll show you 6 magical steps that you can take, right now – and next year, you’ll have a different experience with your “vacay” customers. The Setup. A client was.

Capturing the Essence of Business Vision – through Video.

Did you ever notice that you sound different on a recording… …than when you’re listening to yourself talk? Funny how that works, isn’t it? It’s a surreal experience, it’s part you, part someone else. Recently, I hatched a plan. I’m always trying to find better ways to be lazy, apathetic, and hedonistic. So I hatched a plan. I would interview my clients in the post-project phase, so I could… How am I.

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