LinkedIn Traffic Continues to Grow

Have a LinkedIn account already? Then review it, why don’t you. On LinkedIn, 6.3 million unique visits in December 2008 rocketed to 7.7 million in January 2009—driving up the average time on site by over 100%. LinkedIn continues to grow as THE tool for savvy business folk, because getting a good reference – whether looking for a job or trying to find your next programmer – is a powerful filtering.

Every Individual Is Now An Entrepreneur

Funny how life goes round and round. Apparently, there are no employees anymore. Reid Hoffman is the Chairman and CEO of, one of the most popular sites on the planet. He says that everyone is now an entrepreneur, whether you work for someone else or for yourself. Why? Well, for one, the average employment length is not 2-4 years, depending upon who you talk to. But the point is.

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