The Value Equation: How to Predict if People Will Convert

The Value Equation: How to Predict if People Will Convert

In this installment, Greg and Mark from Think Around Corners discuss a basic equation in conversion rate optimization. You will learn why CRO is just as important as SEO, and how you can start seeing better conversions by using this equation on your own website.

Mobile Landing Pages that Convert: The 7 Secrets

Mobile Landing Pages that Convert: The 7 Secrets

In this installment, Greg and Mark from Think Around Corners talk about thumb-friendly, responsive web design principles and how to design effective pages for the most effective mobile user experience. The key points covered are essential when deploying mobile marketing solutions.

LPO Rehab – Here’s your sign.

Don’t you just love when you’ve been talking about something so much that you’re glossy-eyed – then, someone comes along and creates a visual for it that sums it up? Then, I think, I should have done that.

Using In-Page Analytics to Determine Your Customer’s Needs

Understanding your customer’s needs means understanding what will sell. This means you can put your energy into promoting those products or services that your customer is interested in.

Google Analytics: Tracking “Router” Pages

<< See the Parent article on Functionalism Web Page Type #3: Routers. OK, it’s Router page time! No, this isn’t that funny little black or cool blue box that sits on top of your computer that makes your network go, this is a type of Functionalism page that allows people to drill down further into your site where they can find information valuable to them. Example: Go-Kart Racing. Before giving.

Creating a Culture of Testing, Part 3 of 3: tests in action

The tyranny of best practices doesn’t work. Two weeks ago, we talked about the benefits of a testing culture – the whole company ask questions of customers. Last week, we did a simple, single test – easy to implement, easy to gather data. You test every week, you get results. Now we’re going to show you a bit more on how to elaborate on testing – with multiple questions funneling.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 4: Build Trust

If you don’t build trust, you’re not gonna sell anything. What is building trust? How do you build trust on your website? Heck, how do build trust, period? A great example is a money back guarantee. It used to work, but it’s so overplayed that it might not work anymore. A lot of people have them. But building trust is a very important step in The 7 Strategies. Without trust,.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 3: Be Sticky

What is ‘Being Sticky’? Ever get to a page and feel like the information reads like this? >>> Other people feel the same way. Possibly about your website. Being sticky is kind of a mindset. You have to think creatively, but understand the deep-rooted principles of web design. You have to understand your customer intimately, and what drives them to buy, to read, to be enticed. The Benefit to Your.

The 7 Strategies to Internet Marketing Success

An 8-Part Series? Really? You better believe it. I want all of you out there to know how important this stuff is. this article + 7 strategies articles. This is the CORE of Internet marketing, what it’s all about. This is how I look at all online promotion services. It’s a system. And if you stick with me through these 7 Strategy articles, I guarantee that you’ll look at Internet marketing differently.

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