Contact Pages Kinda Suck: Why UX (User Experience) Is SO Important

Contact Pages Kinda Suck: Why UX (User Experience) Is SO Important

This week, we delve into the simple yet profoundly important aspect of your website: The Contact Page. Why Worry About A Simple Contact Page? Recently, we did some marketing, and that meant data mining, and that meant scanning through a number of websites (oh, about 2000 0f them) for target companies that we will approach. And THAT meant we needed to find their company information fast

It’s all C.R.A.P.: Four Principles of Design

It’s all C.R.A.P.: Four Principles of Design

2 Geeks talk about Design! What a bunch of C.R.A.P.! There are four principles of design that we want you to get under your belt.

LPO Rehab – Here’s your sign.

Don’t you just love when you’ve been talking about something so much that you’re glossy-eyed – then, someone comes along and creates a visual for it that sums it up? Then, I think, I should have done that.

Using In-Page Analytics to Determine Your Customer’s Needs

Understanding your customer’s needs means understanding what will sell. This means you can put your energy into promoting those products or services that your customer is interested in.

The Essence of Kathleen, Part 1: Services & Segments

part 2: Goals & Essence > Being a solopreneur (that’s an entrepreneur with one person) is mostly about selling yourself. And a website is a great selling tool.  It’s low cost.  It’s cheap advertising.  It’s colorful and you can elaborate as much as you want. And even one person can design a kick-ass website for themselves these days. The tools are out there. So you build a website. So you spend time reading up on building.

4 Elements Every Product or Service Page Must Have

Let’s get back to basics. This week’s tactics and strategy article will be combined, as these 4 elements are that very important to both page design and overall website strategy. Without these 4 elements, any web page will not grab the attention of your customers. Therefore, there’s a better chance that customers will leave after visiting only one page (they’ll “bounce” away from your website). Why only 4 steps? Customers, whether.

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