Podcast 04 – Google Cheat Sheet, Strategy 1 – Get Noticed, 7 Books for Business

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Google Search Cheat Sheet: Save 1.5 weeks/year Searching for Stuff

Extend your Google Search abilities. Tactics don’t have to be solely about Internet marketing. Internet marketing falls within a larger category of business, which is all marketing. And all marketing falls within business operations. And to be honest, Internet marketing means a LOT of testing, searching, and finding exactly the information you need to make calculated decisions. And to make time for Internet marketing, you have to search smarter, not.

Keep your Finger on the Pulse of the Universe: Google Alerts

What are Google Alerts? I remember this great book by David Brin called Earth, where one of the future job descriptions is “Ferret Designer”. The web had gotten so big, that the problem faced by people searching online wasn’t that the information out there wasn’t there, but it could not easily be found. Ferret designers created specialized search routines to help you find what you need, easily. Fast forward a.

Blip: Google Analytics now has Annotations

Milestone your Analytics. Ever drive you crazy that you can’t track major changes you made to your website on your Google Analytics? Now you can! Annotations have made quite a splash here, at TAC. We’re just starting to use all the functionality, but basically you can now track this: Increase in Visitor Traffic vs. What the Heck We Did to Make That Happen. Absolutely yay!

Google is your new Watercooler

Tons of new tools coming out for Google. One of the things that Google is really focusing is on the ability to share – photos, articles, news, questionnaires, files – it’s all there, in various products being developed by Google. If you already have a Gmail account, you already have access to many of these features. Here are some highlights: Photos with Picasa – manage both your images on your.

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