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A design template for handy layout of pages. When you’re designing elements on a web page, using the computer to do the initial design is rather lame – you have to open the programs, build the components, and often ‘tweak’ it many times, to get it just right. Designing on-screen can be inefficient. It’s also inefficient – because by the time you finish designing all the elements, you find that.

A brilliant example of simple website visitor segmentation.

Hi there, folks. We gotta take a break and get some work done, so no BIG Functionalism article today! But we would like to draw your attention to an interesting site that we noticed recently brilliantly using the Functionalism principles (or at the very least the Functionalism model can be easily applied to its success). A site spash page that uses the principles of Engager and Router pages very well,.

Google Analytics: Tracking “Router” Pages

<< See the Parent article on Functionalism Web Page Type #3: Routers. OK, it’s Router page time! No, this isn’t that funny little black or cool blue box that sits on top of your computer that makes your network go, this is a type of Functionalism page that allows people to drill down further into your site where they can find information valuable to them. Example: Go-Kart Racing. Before giving.

Podcast Interview: Gary Angel, Creator of Web Functionalism.

Listen: Podcast Interview with Gary Angel, Creator of FunctionalismIn our On The Lake podcast interview, Gary and Gregory discuss not only the creation of Functionalism as a website development tool, but also how Functionalism… Functionalism is simple to learn (but oh so important!) We also talk candidly with Mr. Angel about his favorite Functionalism page type, his Philosophy background (and if Functionalism was a philosophy, which one it would be!),.

Operation: Overhaul

We’re revamping our website! We’re in the process of revamping our website, and that means time away from writing articles. Then it hit us… what’s a great Tactical article to write about? Our design in progress, that’s what!

Google Analytics: Tracking “Engager” Pages

<< See the Parent article on Functionalism Web Page Type #2: Engagers. Another type of Functionalism page is the Engager. A splash (or home) page is an Engager; it says hello and give you something fun to look at. But it also drives you to view more. You can think of  the Engager as a page that allows you to  ‘home in’ on what you want. Engagers do 3 primary.

Google Analytics: Tracking “Completer” Pages

<< See the Parent article on Functionalism. Over the next 3 weeks we’re going to do something differently. Instead of doing our Tactics-Strategies-Vision thing, we’re going to do a series on Functionalism. Each article will be about one type of Functionalism page. Why are we doing this? Functionalism is very important. Google Analytics is very important (we’re assuming that you use it regularly!) Putting them both together will help you build.

See your website differently: Functionalism.

Let’s think differently about your website. We’re always trying to think up new ways to create websites. And we just fell in love with Website Functionalism. What is functionalism? Think of EACH of your web pages on your website. What do they do? Why do they exist? They have to have some type of function, right? The types of pages. Engager: Grab the visitors’ interest and get them to do something (visitor type unknown). Router:.

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