How the iPhone 6 (4.7″ Screen) Form Factor Affects You

With all the leaks emerging the past few week, the design of the unreleased iPhone 6 is no surprise. In this video review, we take a look at the device in terms of form factor. How a phone feels in the hands of a user is a big deal, but feeling isn’t the only thing a new size impacts. A larger, 4.7″ screen size means alignment, user experience and conversion.

Contact Pages Kinda Suck: Why UX (User Experience) Is SO Important

Contact Pages Kinda Suck: Why UX (User Experience) Is SO Important

This week, we delve into the simple yet profoundly important aspect of your website: The Contact Page. Why Worry About A Simple Contact Page? Recently, we did some marketing, and that meant data mining, and that meant scanning through a number of websites (oh, about 2000 0f them) for target companies that we will approach. And THAT meant we needed to find their company information fast

2GeeksThinking: Responsive Web Design

2GeeksThinking: Responsive Web Design

With so many devices being created in the consumer electronics world, creating a website for each device is not realistic. A better solution is to optimize for all devices, at once.

It’s all C.R.A.P.: Four Principles of Design

It’s all C.R.A.P.: Four Principles of Design

2 Geeks talk about Design! What a bunch of C.R.A.P.! There are four principles of design that we want you to get under your belt.

The Essence of Kathleen Part 2: Goals & Essence

< Part 1 of The Essence of Kathleen So when last we left Kathleen, she was gearing up to build her yoga website. During our initial meeting, we discussed 6 ‘angles’ that will start her off on the good foot towards the user experience. This ensures that she will… This produced 6 mind maps, 3 of which we already discussed (centering around services and segments). Today we focus on the goals &.

Free Webpage Design Template

A design template for handy layout of pages. When you’re designing elements on a web page, using the computer to do the initial design is rather lame – you have to open the programs, build the components, and often ‘tweak’ it many times, to get it just right. Designing on-screen can be inefficient. It’s also inefficient – because by the time you finish designing all the elements, you find that.

The Essence of Kathleen, Part 1: Services & Segments

part 2: Goals & Essence > Being a solopreneur (that’s an entrepreneur with one person) is mostly about selling yourself. And a website is a great selling tool.  It’s low cost.  It’s cheap advertising.  It’s colorful and you can elaborate as much as you want. And even one person can design a kick-ass website for themselves these days. The tools are out there. So you build a website. So you spend time reading up on building.

13 of the biggest redesign mistakes.

Since we’re redesigning our website (promise, it’s coming soon!) we’ve been doing quite a bit of research about the best way to redesign. But often, like in many things, sometimes the best way to do the right things is to avoid doing the wrong things. 13 of the biggest website redesign mistakes. 1. Changing domain names. Often I get questions from clients about changing domain names. Unless you have virtually.

A brilliant example of simple website visitor segmentation.

Hi there, folks. We gotta take a break and get some work done, so no BIG Functionalism article today! But we would like to draw your attention to an interesting site that we noticed recently brilliantly using the Functionalism principles (or at the very least the Functionalism model can be easily applied to its success). A site spash page that uses the principles of Engager and Router pages very well,.

Operation: Overhaul

We’re revamping our website! We’re in the process of revamping our website, and that means time away from writing articles. Then it hit us… what’s a great Tactical article to write about? Our design in progress, that’s what!

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