I Love My Team – Benefits & Challenges of Distributed Companies

“There is always room for operational efficiency without hurting anyone’s feelings.” -Greg Cox In this special audio podcast episode, Greg and Dustin chat about the many joys and obstacles of working with teams in a virtual environment. We hear from company owner Greg Cox on exactly what makes the Think Around Corners team so dear to his heart. While the concept of a distributed workforce is nothing new – in.

Google Tag Manager (GTM): Why Ad Agencies Love Us

Pixel and other Ad Tracking is tough. If you’re an ad agency, you know that campaign tracking can be challenging – in order for your tracking to work, your agency needs technical know-how, installation access, and validation, yet the agony wondering if it’s working still seems to linger for our ad agency clients. And more than one ad agency on a campaign creates problems.

LPO Rehab – Here’s your sign.

Don’t you just love when you’ve been talking about something so much that you’re glossy-eyed – then, someone comes along and creates a visual for it that sums it up? Then, I think, I should have done that.

Edit Videos within YouTube

Now there’s no excuse to not do video. Introducing YouTube’s Video Editor. It’s simple, as the video above shows. Just drag-drop-save and you’re done! Have fun!

Free Webpage Design Template

A design template for handy layout of pages. When you’re designing elements on a web page, using the computer to do the initial design is rather lame – you have to open the programs, build the components, and often ‘tweak’ it many times, to get it just right. Designing on-screen can be inefficient. It’s also inefficient – because by the time you finish designing all the elements, you find that.

The 1-2 punch of analytics tools: Woopra with live website tracking

The 1-2 punch of analytics tools: Woopra with live website tracking

If Google Analytics is Batman, then Woopra is Robin. Think of the relationship between Batman and Robin. Robin wasn’t just an apprentice, but a complimentary member of the dynamic duo. He had skills that Batman didn’t. Woopra: The real-time tracking and analytics tool. Woopra is a stand-alone website tracking, statistics and analytics tool by iFusion Labs. We’ve been using it for a while, but really started to get into it.

Surprisingly easy (and cheap) tools for online usability testing

How complete strangers can make you thousands of dollars in under an hour. What if there was a way to get complete strangers to help you with developing a more functional, higher conversion (money-making) website? There is! It’s called usability testing (UT). Usability testing can tell you what’s wrong with your website quickly, easily. You want to make your website better? Usability testing takes you all the way.

Ping.fm – Speed Up Social Media Marketing, Correctly.

Are you a posting maniac? How long does it take you? If you’re like me, you’re trying to find ways of being efficient in business, and market yourself effectively, socially. And one way to do that is to find cool tools that help you move faster. Ping.fm helps on both accounts.

Google Search Cheat Sheet: Save 1.5 weeks/year Searching for Stuff

Extend your Google Search abilities. Tactics don’t have to be solely about Internet marketing. Internet marketing falls within a larger category of business, which is all marketing. And all marketing falls within business operations. And to be honest, Internet marketing means a LOT of testing, searching, and finding exactly the information you need to make calculated decisions. And to make time for Internet marketing, you have to search smarter, not.

Keep your Finger on the Pulse of the Universe: Google Alerts

What are Google Alerts? I remember this great book by David Brin called Earth, where one of the future job descriptions is “Ferret Designer”. The web had gotten so big, that the problem faced by people searching online wasn’t that the information out there wasn’t there, but it could not easily be found. Ferret designers created specialized search routines to help you find what you need, easily. Fast forward a.

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