The Value Equation: How to Predict if People Will Convert

The Value Equation: How to Predict if People Will Convert

In this installment, Greg and Mark from Think Around Corners discuss a basic equation in conversion rate optimization. You will learn why CRO is just as important as SEO, and how you can start seeing better conversions by using this equation on your own website.

LPO Rehab – Here’s your sign.

Don’t you just love when you’ve been talking about something so much that you’re glossy-eyed – then, someone comes along and creates a visual for it that sums it up? Then, I think, I should have done that.

Using In-Page Analytics to Determine Your Customer’s Needs

Understanding your customer’s needs means understanding what will sell. This means you can put your energy into promoting those products or services that your customer is interested in.

See your website differently: Functionalism.

Let’s think differently about your website. We’re always trying to think up new ways to create websites. And we just fell in love with Website Functionalism. What is functionalism? Think of EACH of your web pages on your website. What do they do? Why do they exist? They have to have some type of function, right? The types of pages. Engager: Grab the visitors’ interest and get them to do something (visitor type unknown). Router:.

Role-Playing: How Websites Get Built

What’s one of the biggest problems to getting your website up and running? No one knows the roles to play. If you’ve ever developed a website, you know what I am talking about. It’s that moment when you say, “Now what?” If no one knows their specific roles, then know one knows how and what to provide for content. Hey, you’re not alone. We’ve had the same problem, too, many times. That.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 7: Create Referrals

And on the 7th Step, We Rested. Congratulations! If you’ve been reading The 7 Strategies to Internet Marketing Success, you’re at the last article! And you know what? You deserve a break! What kind of break? Well, this article is about referral marketing. And referral marketing is less about a particular tactic or strategy, and more about doing everything else right. The 7 Strategies that we outlined give you a.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 6: Generate Sales & Leads

Intro > Step 1 > Step 2 > Step 3 > Step 4 > Step 5 > Step 6 > Step 7 How do you make sales online? It’s not what you think. Of course, the goal of any business website is to generates sales, or generate calls that lead to sales. But the fact is that a very small percentage of websites actually generate sales that pay for themselves, much.

Make Your Website User-Centered: A tactical quick test.

Can you track what type of customers your getting? For many of us, this is the process we followed: “web need a website” >> build website >> hope for traffic. You might have started with web design (ourselves included) before we fully understood our audience. Even if we knew who we were building it for, it’s still hard to build our website for to be customer-friendly. But take heart, we’ll show you.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 2: Drive Traffic

What is ‘Driving Traffic’? In this second of 7 steps (or strategies), we’ll talk about the traffic to your website. Note that this step is very close to What is the benefit to you? Traffic means potential customers. It’s just like a brick-and-mortar store; the more foot traffic you bring in, the more chances to sell or gain leads. But not just traffic, but targeted traffic. However, it is important.

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