The Essence of Kathleen, Part 1: Services & Segments

part 2: Goals & Essence > Being a solopreneur (that’s an entrepreneur with one person) is mostly about selling yourself. And a website is a great selling tool.  It’s low cost.  It’s cheap advertising.  It’s colorful and you can elaborate as much as you want. And even one person can design a kick-ass website for themselves these days. The tools are out there. So you build a website. So you spend time reading up on building.

13 of the biggest redesign mistakes.

Since we’re redesigning our website (promise, it’s coming soon!) we’ve been doing quite a bit of research about the best way to redesign. But often, like in many things, sometimes the best way to do the right things is to avoid doing the wrong things. 13 of the biggest website redesign mistakes. 1. Changing domain names. Often I get questions from clients about changing domain names. Unless you have virtually.

This is a big fat image, and other lessons learned from blogging like a madman.

Psst… want to know how I screwed up? It’s time for self-reflection! Why don’t you come along and find out the greatest lessons learned about blogging (and how I screwed up along the way?) 30 articles, 90 days. Yep, we’re on track. We’ve done 30 articles in the past 3 months, and we’ve learned a long since Jan. 1. Are we satisfied yet with our progress? No! But we DO want.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 5: Stay in Touch

Do you know what the image is, above? You should – it’s an RSS symbol. If you don’t know what RSS is, read this article. Staying in touch with your customers (or potential ones) is a critical step in maximizing revenue.  Some customers are just not going to buy from you upon first blush – that’s just the way the online sales world works. By the time they’re ready to.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 4: Build Trust

If you don’t build trust, you’re not gonna sell anything. What is building trust? How do you build trust on your website? Heck, how do build trust, period? A great example is a money back guarantee. It used to work, but it’s so overplayed that it might not work anymore. A lot of people have them. But building trust is a very important step in The 7 Strategies. Without trust,.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 3: Be Sticky

What is ‘Being Sticky’? Ever get to a page and feel like the information reads like this? >>> Other people feel the same way. Possibly about your website. Being sticky is kind of a mindset. You have to think creatively, but understand the deep-rooted principles of web design. You have to understand your customer intimately, and what drives them to buy, to read, to be enticed. The Benefit to Your.

The 7 Strategies… Strategy 2: Drive Traffic

What is ‘Driving Traffic’? In this second of 7 steps (or strategies), we’ll talk about the traffic to your website. Note that this step is very close to What is the benefit to you? Traffic means potential customers. It’s just like a brick-and-mortar store; the more foot traffic you bring in, the more chances to sell or gain leads. But not just traffic, but targeted traffic. However, it is important.

The 7 Strategies to Internet Marketing Success

An 8-Part Series? Really? You better believe it. I want all of you out there to know how important this stuff is. this article + 7 strategies articles. This is the CORE of Internet marketing, what it’s all about. This is how I look at all online promotion services. It’s a system. And if you stick with me through these 7 Strategy articles, I guarantee that you’ll look at Internet marketing differently.

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