Universal Analytics: Your New ROI Calculator

Universal Analytics: Your New ROI Calculator

Universal Analytics is not Google Analytics version 6. Universal Analytics is touting to be the next evolutionary step in marketing analytics, moving towards a more “customer-centric” analytics program… far beyond Google Analytics.

Measuring Multi-Channel Media for Campaigns

Great video I recently watched on measuring Google Analytics campaigns: If you’re serious about tracking campaigns through AdWords / CPC, Email newsletters, or Affiliate marketing, this video will sum it up for you. What’s In There… When you track Google Analytics Campaigns across channels, it’s important to define each channel so the data is clear. Watching this video gives you access to a few very powerful tools, including a bulk.

Google Analytics introduces Multi-Channel Funnels

Though release is limited, multi-channel funnels is coming to Google Analytics! Why is this important? For one, not every conversion (goal) is as straight-forward as… “customer comes to website > sees product > buys product > everyone’s happy” – there might be many blushes with the idea of purchasing a product – or signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a white paper. Understanding what led to a purchase or.

On The Lake Podcast 13: A Culture of Testing

Listen: OTL 13 – A Culture of TestingSet up some goals (but not too many) to achieve more goals throughout the year. We also include an action plan that we use to make your goals real and followable. Podcast Links:

Using In-Page Analytics to Determine Your Customer’s Needs

Understanding your customer’s needs means understanding what will sell. This means you can put your energy into promoting those products or services that your customer is interested in.

How to focus on the right customer: Segmentation

In the last article, we talked about why client segmentation is important. Now we’re going to show you how to do it. It’s easy! Step by Step instructions. Please feel free to print out the Customer Segmentation Quadrant Template so you can follow along and fill stuff in! Step 1: Identify customer hurdles. Think of what hurdles your customer needs to conquer to make a purchase from you, product or service. It.

Creating a Culture of Testing, Part 2 of 3: how to do build a simple test.

Struggling to improve your website? Do it fast and easy. Last week we covered the value of creating a culture of testing. This week we’re going to show you how to test simply, effortlessly, with incredible impact that will galvanize the troops and be super-fun in the process.

Creating a Culture of Testing, Part 1 of 3: Leverage your employees to grow your business.

The company that tests together, is best together. In our Vision Fridays article I’m going to talk about the culture of testing – and what you can do in your business to build an amazing system – very quickly, I might add – that will pull amazing ideas out of your customer’s heads, increase marketing efficiency, tighten your team, and spearhead product development.  Oh, is that all? Why is it.

How to use customers to make your head explode. With ideas.

Part 2 of 3 of Brainstorming with Vision: How to use customers to brainstorm like a mofo. Brainstorming with customers is different than brainstorming with your business partners or employees. The key is that customers buy your stuff; often employees don’t. In Part 2 of Brainstorming with Vision, we’ll ‘set the stage’ for how do this yourself, right in the comfort of your own home. 1. What can you brainstorm.

Yahoo Pipes

I know I am RSS crazy, but there’s one tool here that a powerful user might LOVE, and so I included it. http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/ Pipes is powerful, because you can FILTER newsfeeds you already get into more functional feeds. Basically, it’s a powerful search tool for feeds you already get.

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