Contact Pages Kinda Suck: Why UX (User Experience) Is SO Important

Contact Pages Kinda Suck: Why UX (User Experience) Is SO Important

This week, we delve into the simple yet profoundly important aspect of your website: The Contact Page. Why Worry About A Simple Contact Page? Recently, we did some marketing, and that meant data mining, and that meant scanning through a number of websites (oh, about 2000 0f them) for target companies that we will approach. And THAT meant we needed to find their company information fast

5 Critical Elements of Branding

Branding yourself? Whether you’re just starting out with your company, or have been around the block a few times, branding is key in conveying to your customers what you’re all about. Here are 5 critical elements of branding:

Interview with gShiftLabs: Web Presence Optimization Software

Just back from SES… We just got back from Search Engine Strategies NYC 2010 – and it was a helluva lot of fun. We met a couple of the big boys & girls of the web (people from Google, Bing, Facebook) which was awe-inspiring. But we also met some smaller companies with brilliant minds. gShiftLabs is working on something called web presence optimization software, and that’s what this interview is.

Branding 101, Part 2: Build Your Blocks

Let’s start building brand! Part 2 of Branding 101 will show you the structure of how to build your brand. So, what is necessary to build your brand? Is it awareness alone? No. The full spectrum of brand is far beyond initial consideration of ‘your brand over another’. It’s making your customers come to you through an emotional connection. These are the four steps, or blocks, of brand insistence: Purchase.

Branding 101, Part 1

You’ve all heard of branding, and kinda know what it is. But how can it help you? The question is: how can’t it help you? This will be a five-part article explaining the basics of branding, and how you can start thinking about branding your product (and yourself) that rings out clear to potential customers. It will also help you start thinking of your intellectual property in new, exciting ways..

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