Web Applications & Mobile Tracking

Everywhere your customers go, there YOU are…

Unlike native applications, web applications only need a browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) to fully function. That means any web-enabled device has access to your web app – not just a single platform.

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We tune for Devices…

We can spot low-performance on specific devices, and use that to improve function. This often leads to overall performance improvements.

We tune for Goals…

We can also spot bottlenecks in conversion – low-performing ‘pages’ or screens – then optimize for greater conversion along that pathway.

We tune for Users…

Our goal is to create a wonderful experience for all users – we watch closely how users use your web app, and continue to improve their experience.

& Situation.

We make functional web apps – that means no matter where your customers are, our apps function as expected.

App Tracking through Real Time Analytics

CASE STUDY: App Tracking saves $20,000 in first 2 days of campaign

The tracking that we can apply to web applications give you a competitive advantage, as tracking leads to improvement of the web application. This ‘improving over time’ creates brand loyalty and sustained usage.

All of the web apps we build are tracked, through real-time monitoring and weekly (sometimes daily) reporting.

For one of our large CPG clients, we were able to spot certain problems with the way a specific campaign was displayed across social networks. That mistake, if not caught by us, would have cost $20,000 within the week. With our catch, money was redirected into profitable channels.