Video / YouTube Analytics

Media analysis that measures the impact on Sales.

Video and YouTube Analytics gives you power to understand how to shape message.

Let us help simplify the clutter of video analytics and YouTube analytics. We have specialized tools of measurement that help aid in understanding engagement – which helps us understand how video impacts your bottom line profits.

YouTube Analytics Demystified

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A Unified Picture.

We can pool video and YouTube analytics right into Google Analytics, for unified analysis. This can then be placed into GA dashboards for easy viewing

Deep Engagement / Conversion Analysis.

We are providing deeper insight into your campaigns, your customers, and your website, and how that impacts sales.

Direction for Future Media

Sometimes, it’s not about production value – it’s about the right content. Though video analytics, we can shape your future content – for greater impact on sales.

Of all the things I have spent money on with advertising or web optimizing, Gregory Cox’ website creation and optimizing is the one and only thing that has given me a great return on my money. Steve Byrd, Santa Barbara Health Insurance