Sales Intelligence & Sales Analytics

Boost Sales Responsiveness and Decrease the Sales Cycle.

Does your sales team rely upon manual entry? How much money do you lose with data entry and mistakes? Your Website equals Sales Intelligence. Data must be collected accurately and integrated successfully, without slowing your Sales Team down.

Website + CRM Integration

We save you time.

By integrating your website and Sales CRM (or Customer Support) system, we save you time and automate data entry. Your Sales/CS team will spend less time typing and more time selling and solving problems.

We increase data accuracy.

Accuracy increases by ensuring proper validation of information as forms are entered.  Through API’s, we can dovetail databases, merging duplicate information and decreasing account errors.

More types of data equals more sales.

We help you gain the advantage with more types of information – intelligence your Sales team can use to win customers. Information like:

  • What page did they land on?
  • What pages did the customer visit?
  • What products/categories is the customer interested in?
  • Are they a new or returning visitor?

CASE STUDY: Sales Intelligence & Sales Analytics boost repeat sales by 297.1%

The Problem: Often the problem is not if there is data, but how to combine that data together for insight. And when data is ‘everywhere’, insight does not come easy or fast.

The Solution: Use Think Around Corners awesome understanding of how to ‘dovetail’ the data together — data from numerous sources – right into their CRM, to paint a deeper and broader ‘customer profile’ than ever before – faster than ever before. After examining the pooled data, the sales team was able to leverage the greater understanding of a particular customer vertical, that, while not adding to immediate sales, created a 297% boost in repeat sales, in the first year.