Landing Page Optimization

It’s not about who visits, it’s about who stays.

Did you know that only half the visitors (or less!) even SEE your Home page? Landing Page Optimization ensures every page keeps visitors from bouncing away.

Landing Page Optimization - improving engagement

Deeper engagement equals improved customer retention.

We optimize for all types of engagement, considering initial (just landed), sustained, and extended engagement (multiple return visits). This not only creates deeper engagement overall, but better brand recognition.

Identifying visitor types equals increased revenues.

There are many types of visitors – and they use your website in many ways. Through advanced segmentation we can identify various audience types, and that drives conversion.

Faster LPO cycles equals faster sales cycles.

We can optimize faster and with greater effectiveness – running A/B or multivariate tests right within Google Analytics  – creating faster sales cycles.

Landing Page Optimization uncovers most profitable keywords, boosts sales 22% in one month – and sustained 12% sales for the year.

Landing pages are key for conversion – if the prospect leaves right after landing, you’re not making any money, not matter how you look at it. So one of our primary jobs at Think Around Corners is the optimization and improvement of key landing pages that lead to conversion.

For a biotechnoloy-industry client, LPO yielded 13 distinct pages that we focused tremendous energy on to improve overall conversion. The result – a boost of 22.3% sales in the first two months alone, with sustained sales of 12% throughout the year and beyond.