Dashboarding & Custom Reports

Dashboards make Analytics easy to understand – with one glance.

Business intelligence means better business decisions.  You want insight – plain and simple. Customized dashboards answer all your questions in one place.

Dashboards and Dasboarding

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We focus on clarity, not complexity.

We don’t just ‘amass information’ – we help you clarify your marketing, sales, and operations world. Our custom dashboards present key information at a glance.

Your Dashboard. Your way.

Customize your dashboard to display the data you need to see, the way you need to see it. We create dashboards for specific People, Departments, Campaigns, Social Media, and Mobile.

Explore all the options.

With the help of APIs, we can aggregate more information than ever before to clarify your direction and give you new insight.

Gregory Cox is one of the most insightful web gurus I know. Over the years I have known him, he has proved to be knowledgeable, reliable and effective. He has the integrity to win your confidence and keep it. If you have a web marketing challenge, he has the solution. Mark Dispenza, Executive Director, Worley Catastrophe Response
Dashboarding & Reports

Case Study: Dovetailing Information for CEO’s and Marketing Directors

TWO DATA SETS, ONE DASHBOARD: This dashboard might seem plain, but it’s all the KPI’s (key performance indicators) that were needed to determine success – all in one place. This data was pulled from both form information stored in a MySQL database, as well as Google Analytics data, then a custom dashboard was built around that data.

We all know that top CEO’s and Marketing Directors love the ONE SLIDE or DASHBOARD concept. The less dashboards, the better. So, OUR job is to dovetail information together for YOUR clients.