Cross‑Channel / Omnichannel Analysis

Identify your most profitable markets.

With Cross-Channel Analysis, we can identify where your highest existing and potential return is coming from – so we can maximize your profits.

Omnichannel / multi channel retailing is your next challenge as a marketer – a seamless brand experience across mobile internet devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, television, radio, direct mail, everything.

Omnichannel Analysis

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Compare between channels…

By comparing goals vs. channels, we understand how much investment it takes to acquire a customer per channel.

Compare between campaigns…

You might run various campaigns through the year, and you want to know which campaign is working, and why.

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CASE STUDY: Omnichannel analysis yields 400% increase in conversion

PROBLEM: It’s hard to extract information from analytics and use that to create actionable insight. But at Think Around Corners, that’s our job. So when an e-commerce client came to us in dire need of insight — where their profits were, how they were making their money — we leapt at it.

SOLUTION: Within days, we were able to find an incredible referral source, something that increased conversion by 4x average (~8% vs. your average ~2% with most ecommerce sites) – and use that insight to create the same type of conversion, elsewhere, with other referral agents. This alone yielded an increase in overall annual profits of 5% for the year.

Greg’s work on our web site has yielded tremendous results. Visitors to our site increased nearly 40% in just two months and we’ve almost doubled the leads generated from our pages. Greg is always available to answer questions about new and existing pages, as well as instruct our employees on new WordPress features and capabilities. Thanks to Greg and his team, our web site is back on track for attracting and converting high quality leads. Elio Evangelista, Director of Research, Cutting Edge Information