Campaign Tracking

Why wait until the end of a campaign to improve performance?

Campaign Tracking is key to understanding overall ROI and whether marketing dollars are being well spent. Waiting until the campaign is over for a big, clunky report is inefficient.

Campaign Tracking in Analytics

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Fix problems early.

No campaign goes off without a hitch.  We spot and solve problems early to get you the most out of your campaign.

Tune as you go.

No more waiting until the campaign is over for insight or strategy changes. Real-time feedback gives you the marketing agility to maximize profits.

Meaningful benchmarks.

Benchmarking is essential to measure success. We’ll help you discover the right benchmarks in order to drive your campaigns forward.

CASE STUDY: Campaign Tracking discovers 600 brand advocates – yielding 19:1 ROI in sales

While following a campaign closely that revolved around evergreen coupons, we spotted an interesting trend; behind the big coupon sites, we found a bit over 600 ‘coupon moms’ doing the same thing as large coupon sites – posting coupons for their readership.

These moms know a good deal when they see one, and so we reached out to them for some market segmentation information – how thew viewed the brand, what deal would appeal to their readership more, etc. The investment – a special coupon created for Coupon Moms that cost $5000 in lost leaders. The reward: almost close to $100,000 in sales.