Optimize campaigns in days – not weeks.

Testing variants of marketing and design will prove which is most effective in reaching goals. Use A/B or multivariate testing to maximize profits, thereby reducing your time to profitability.

A/B Testing

Faster to market – and profit.

We test faster than other companies with multivariate testing (testing many page elements at once to find the optimal mix), which means more testing in a shorter period of time – significantly improving  time-to-profitability.

We aid easy decision making.

We handle the complexity – you reap the benefit .  There is nothing extra to keep track of or add to your workday.  We come back with stellar results that are the basis for your winning campaigns.

Minimize risk before launch.

Did you know we can actually test marketing messages before you take your campaign live? How about within days of data? Testing before campaigning minimizes financial risk for you.

CASE STUDY: A/B Testing yields a 7% lift in sitewide engagment

While A/B testing heatmaps for an e-commerce client, we found very low engagement through the navigation bar. This led to us designing 5 variants of the navigation bar, thoroughly tested for engagement and conversion, over a period of two weeks.

The result: while only 1 of the 5 variants showed increased click-through, it showed a dramatic increase. By implementing this new nav bar, we increased engagment sitewide for landing pages by 7%. While this might seem a small number, it’s not for a site-wide improvement. This is what we call a global improvement in engagement!

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