AMA 2016: Market Segmentation Critical to Discovering High-Value Sources of Growth

The more marketing changes… I was reading the AMA magazine (May 2016 edition) and discovered an article – 7 Big Problems in the Marketing Industry. The first problem, Effectively Targeting High-Value Sources of Growth was described in detail, and 7 top marketers weighed in. An interesting and useful post, to be sure. Combined, there’s a lot of knowledge and strategy, there. But let’s ask a different question: What are the.

I Love My Team – Benefits & Challenges of Distributed Companies

“There is always room for operational efficiency without hurting anyone’s feelings.” -Greg Cox In this special audio podcast episode, Greg and Dustin chat about the many joys and obstacles of working with teams in a virtual environment. We hear from company owner Greg Cox on exactly what makes the Think Around Corners team so dear to his heart. While the concept of a distributed workforce is nothing new – in.

The Value Equation: How to Predict if People Will Convert

The Value Equation: How to Predict if People Will Convert

In this installment, Greg and Mark from Think Around Corners discuss a basic equation in conversion rate optimization. You will learn why CRO is just as important as SEO, and how you can start seeing better conversions by using this equation on your own website.

Mobile Landing Pages that Convert: The 7 Secrets

Mobile Landing Pages that Convert: The 7 Secrets

In this installment, Greg and Mark from Think Around Corners talk about thumb-friendly, responsive web design principles and how to design effective pages for the most effective mobile user experience. The key points covered are essential when deploying mobile marketing solutions.

Google Tag Manager (GTM): Why Ad Agencies Love Us

Pixel and other Ad Tracking is tough. If you’re an ad agency, you know that campaign tracking can be challenging – in order for your tracking to work, your agency needs technical know-how, installation access, and validation, yet the agony wondering if it’s working still seems to linger for our ad agency clients. And more than one ad agency on a campaign creates problems.

Where are you putting your social media energy?

Here at TAC, we’re always trying to get great feedback from our readers, and want your opinion on where you’re spending your social efforts… And we’ll be talking about this and more at the group that I organize, the FCOMG! Would you take a 15 second poll? [HTML1]

5 Critical Elements of Branding

Branding yourself? Whether you’re just starting out with your company, or have been around the block a few times, branding is key in conveying to your customers what you’re all about. Here are 5 critical elements of branding:

6 Steps to Seasonal Marketing in a Recession

Having problems with seasonal customers? Perhaps the problem isn’t them. It’s you. Now, we’re not trying to sound adversarial. OK, we are, but read this article and you won’t feel so bad about the hit you took this year. Because I’ll show you 6 magical steps that you can take, right now – and next year, you’ll have a different experience with your “vacay” customers. The Setup. A client was.

Edit Videos within YouTube

Now there’s no excuse to not do video. Introducing YouTube’s Video Editor. It’s simple, as the video above shows. Just drag-drop-save and you’re done! Have fun!

Top 10 questions to evaluate SEO and Social Media experts.

Self-serving? Absolutely. Helpful to you? YES. I recently came across two really great articles about hiring someone like me. Let’s face it – sometimes you need a little help doing the whole SEO and Social Media thing. And that means you have to get the right person for the job. But how do you evaluate which person to hire? Enter 2 articles by Ian Lurie. I just loved these articles so.

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