How the iPhone 6 (4.7″ Screen) Form Factor Affects You

With all the leaks emerging the past few week, the design of the unreleased iPhone 6 is no surprise. In this video review, we take a look at the device in terms of form factor. How a phone feels in the hands of a user is a big deal, but feeling isn’t the only thing a new size impacts.

A larger, 4.7″ screen size means alignment, user experience and conversion issues for sites that aren’t properly optimized. It also means that consumers will likely start using two hands as opposed to just one hand while on the phone. These factors are a prime example to why building with the future in mind is important. An investment in proper design now will keep you from redesigning your website every three months as devises change rapidly.

A good mobile website starts with responsive design, succeeds with conversion optimization and is measured through customized analytics. What are you waiting for? The future awaits.

Learn more about how we build for all devices, including unreleased ones.

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