Contact Pages Kinda Suck: Why UX (User Experience) Is SO Important

This week, we delve into the simple yet profoundly important aspect of your website: The Contact Page.

Why Worry About A Simple Contact Page?

Recently, we did some marketing, and that meant data mining, and that meant scanning through a number of websites (oh, about 2000 0f them) for target companies that we will approach. And THAT meant we needed to find their company information fast — to verify information, and to possibly copy and paste the information … into our Nimble CRM system. It was fatiguing.

Because Your Visitors Will Appreciate It

So, as such operations are apt to do, they put a particular spin on perspective. 2 seconds worth of time doesn’t seem like much, but people make decisions within that span of time, and none of us want to hunt and peck for ANYTHING.

So What Are The Components?

Contact pages are obviously important – we all know that. But what are the specific components that make it work? More importantly, what about mobile considerations?

A great Contact Page ensures that the user can see, grab and use your contact information immediately when they find it. It has to be comprehensive, as well as easy to find. This affects local SEO marketing, too; having a strong Contact page anchors your local search results.

UX on Contact Page: A big Fat Map

  • Easy to FIND from anywhere in the website, including links and information in the header and footer to the Contact Page
  • Easy to VIEW on both big screens – and mobile smartphones
  • Easy to COPY/PASTE – in order to enter into CRM systems

The Deeper Considerations of a Negative User Experience Design

A Negative Brand Experience

If your visitors can’t find your contact information easily, or use that information to call you or find you, it impacts their brand experience of you – both positively or negatively. So, you see, it’s not just about a simple contact page – it’s about user experience design, and how that improves relations for you.

A Negative Mobile Experience

What’s more, if the user is mobile, the experience can be even worse – text so small you can barely see it. Mobile Website Design solves this problem.

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