Asana Project Management: Data Loss, There and Back Again

Missing Project Management Data

asana project management system logoA company’s biggest nightmare is to come into work one morning and to find their data – data that was entrusted to a third party project management app – gone. On May 13th, 2013, this nightmare came true for Think Around Corners.

(Spoiler Alert: we still love Asana.)

We use Asana software for our online project management system. We love Asana – it’s free, it’s flexible, and Asana’s task management software keeps our teams organized. We have put thousands of hours of work into building the DNA of our company in Asana.

But one day, our data wasn’t where we left it. Overnight, there had been a mistaken migration,merging our company’s data with one of our clients and making a gigantic mess. To be fair, this wasn’t any one person’s fault. Nevertheless, there was no simple solution, and it had to be sorted out – quickly.

Asana Swings Into Action

This is where the “fun” began. Our lead programmer Mark immediately dropped a support ticket with Asana, asking them to undo the migration. Questions flew:

  • Can we keep working?
  • What about the changes that are made while we’re still merged?

Asana started working on the issue right away. They were quick and thorough about answering all our questions, and were able to keep reassuring us our data was safe, and that we could keep working. The bigger issue of un-merging our data was going to be a tougher nut to crack. After some back and forth, head of operations called us personally to ensure that everybody was on the same page, which made us realize how much Asana cared about our company and our data. To them, we weren’t just another number.

The head of operations outlined a solution for us that they were working on. Throughout the process of writing and testing the code, they were highly responsive. Programmers worked day and night. Blood, sweat, and tears flowed.

data migrationSafe and Sound

Then, one day, we came back into work to find our data – all our data – was right back where we left it, exactly as promised. We were made good as new.  Before we started to use Asana for project management, we did a lot of research about keeping our data safe. We found a lot of people who had their doubts about the safekeeping of their data in Asana. The past events have proven that we made the right decision in trusting Asana.

Thank You!

From everyone at Think Around Corners… Thank you, Asana! We appreciate all your hard work and will continue to use you for our agile project management software!

We can help you with Asana for your project management system.  Give Think Around Corners a call at 203.297.3372 for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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