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Universal Analytics is not Google Analytics version 6. Universal Analytics is touting to be the next evolutionary step in marketing analytics, moving towards a more “customer-centric” analytics program… far beyond Google Analytics.

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Universal Analytics: It’s like Google Analytics, but Better.

Your Consumer: You Need  … to Give You:
Uses multiple devices To see how consumers interact with your brand from many device touchpoints How and where a customer buys.
Is mobile To improve mobile AND app measurement Selling power, anywhere your customer is.
Makes cross-channel measurement essential Integration of offline AND online sales data Ultimate confidence on where to put your money.
Is unique and so is your business Unique metrics and dimensions to measure your business with Personalized business measurement.
Is steeped in Analytics. Universal Analytics ROI.

It can track more stuff – like web applications, mobile touchpoints, and brick-and-mortar store purchases.

Universal Analytics can be customized to track what YOU need to track. Including things outside your website – like POS systems. You can customize it to fit your business metrics, and gets you closer to that Holy Grail of Marketing: calculating ROI.

The Setup: Let’s say your business works this way.

Let’s say you have 7 stores, a product ecommerce website, a web app, a monthly print catalog, a single call center, and a membership system. You have to track customer analytics across all that, effectively! And if you can’t do it, you can’t calculate true ROI! So, we ask you:

Can YOU Calculate:

  • How offline sales affect online ones?
  • The LTV (lifetime value) of the customer?
  • Which customer service calls increase online purchasing?
  • Do purchased memberships online stimulate purchasing in-store?
  • What is the ROI of an integrated campaign, per channel?’
  • Buying patterns of members, across all devices and touchpoints?

With Google Analytics, you can’t answer those questions. With Universal Analytics, you can.

universal analytics integrated marketing

I bet the Universal Analytics logo makes a lot more sense, now.

The Tech: Total Customer Tracking.

Not just website behavior, total customer behavior – that’s what Universal Analytics desires to achieve. As far as integrated marketing solutions go, UA is superior in linking touchpoints together – in store, online, anywhere.

Customer Centricity and Mobile-Focus.

Focusing on the customer centricity is what this analytics software is all about. You can track a customer through their entire purchase lifecycle and understand more than ever before. And, with better Mobile App Analytics, You’re simply tracking your customer better. Improving customer service is the result.

Integrated marketing like POS Integration or Call Center data.

Offline sales can influence online ones, and vice versa – we all know this. What UA gives you is the ability to link it all together. If you have a point of sale (POS) system, UA allows you link those POS purchases (and things like membership data) right to your online analytics. AWESOME.

Custom Dimensions and Metrics.

We all know things like “450 visitors” (that’s a metric) “from Georgia, USA” (that’s a dimension)… but what if you could create your own dimensions to help you track your business? For instance, what if you could actually see stuff like:

  • Book publisher: Use ISBN number to track interest in certain books, 
  • Product retailer: Membership number to track overall buying patterns,
  • Call center: Phone numbers for call center calls that lead to purchasing

With Universal Analytics, you can apply your own dimensions and metrics. And, with dimension widening (mass dimension and metric attribution in big data systems) DOUBLE AWESOME.

The Problem Solved: A Better ROI Calculator.

Department Benefits
Marketing Tying all your touchpoints together in one place means you can calculate true ROI. When you have that as a marketer, you have power.
Sales Being able to track total customer analytics behavior across all touchpoints is like allowing the Sales Department to peek inside the brain of the consumer and discover why they buy. This is the key to improving customer service
Operations/IT Much of the coding that GA suffers from is now in an interface, so less for the IT dept. to do, or less reliance upon ‘code tweaking’.

There are two primary problems with Google Analytics. One, you can’t integrate offline data. Two, there are serious limitations with what you can track. Universal Analytics solves both of these problems with a robust customization and integration capability. That means you can track your customer everyWHERE they go, and on the dimensions YOU choose. Think Around Corners is devoted to getting your business in the habit of collecting the right data to give you the power to make awesome business decisions. Let us help you with Universal Analytics.

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