Google Analytics introduces Multi-Channel Funnels

Though release is limited, multi-channel funnels is coming to Google Analytics!

Why is this important?

For one, not every conversion (goal) is as straight-forward as…

“customer comes to website > sees product > buys product > everyone’s happy”

– there might be many blushes with the idea of purchasing a product – or signing up for a newsletter, or downloading a white paper.

Understanding what led to a purchase or goal is as important, at times, as reaching the goal.

Someone might conceivably…

  1. See you mention a new white paper on Facebook, then
  2. Visit your website, ponder downloading white paper, then
  3. Signup for your newsletter, then
  4. Be reminded that white paper exists when receives first newsletter, then
  5. Downloads white paper.

In this case, the goal would be attributed solely to the email sent to the newsletter recipient. Which isn’t really true; Facebook had something to do with it too!

Enter Multi-Channel Funnels.

The Cross-Channel Mix allows you to see all the blocks that built the conversion or sale, not just the last one.

Multi-Channel Funnels examines all ‘blushes’ with your marketing message – that’s why it’s so important! These ‘Cross-Media Funnels’ are important in understanding how people in understanding…

  1. Where a visitor saw you first
  2. How many times it took them to finally make a decision
  3. What was the message that ‘triggered’ the conversion

It’s kinda like ‘assists’ in basketball…

Why are assists counted in basketball? Because they’re important. No one plays basketball in a vacuum; assists help make the score.

Not available yet to the general public…
but you can sign up for early access, here!

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