LPO Rehab – Here’s your sign.

Don’t you just love when you’ve been talking about something so much that you’re glossy-eyed – then, someone comes along and creates a visual for it that sums it up?

12 step conversion rehab chart

Then, I think, I should have done that.

Well, I can’t take credit for the visual, but it’s so impressive, I just had to share. BTW, this is from the folks at Unbounce, which is a cool tool that I am going to be testing in the near future.

Note the coloration of the 4 stages of LPO (Landing Page Optimization):


Traffic is going to come from various sources. Creating a specific landing page for each source not only allows you to track the sources easier, but it also ‘shapes’ the content for each stream/channel.


Split testing is at the hub of LPO; you pit one version of the page vs. another. This optimizes for conversion because you can track which ‘pulls ahead’, and why (by changing very few variables per version).


Upon landing, the visitor is faced with many directions to go. Making smart content that engages them (‘draws them in’) is critical.


Conversion leads to post-conversion opportunities; deepen the relationship, setup future sales. Note that some conversions are sales, some are leads (or signups).


Did I get some ultra-geek on you?

Sorry, I really should ask permission first.
But when I see eye candy + my passion = I just had to share. – G.

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