The Essence of Kathleen Part 2: Goals & Essence

The Essence Of Kathleen

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So when last we left Kathleen, she was gearing up to build her yoga website. During our initial meeting, we discussed 6 ‘angles’ that will start her off on the good foot towards the user experience. This ensures that she will…

  • Attract the right type of clients,
  • Make her website easy to use for those client segments,
  • Make her website easy & direct to build.

This produced 6 mind maps, 3 of which we already discussed (centering around services and segments). Today we focus on the goals & essence of her website.

4. Your website goals.

What does Kathleen want to achieve with the website? Funny how many solopreneurs miss that critical question. How do you know what to create if you don’t start with the goals of creation?

Goals of website (that mirror the business goals). If you know the goals of the thing you build, you can build right.

Kathleen is a warm and helpful person, and much of the goals she initially thought of revolve around the customer’s benefits. Nothing wrong with that.

But what she came to realize is that the website doesn’t just have to attract customers, but also professional peers, which help her hone her business strategies overall. The more people you network with, the more ideas you can share and problems you can solve. Strength in numbers, right?

5. Your visitor’s goals

Kathleen’s goals might not be her visitor’s goals. In a perfect world, they are the same; you want to sell, they want to buy.

Goals of visitor can be different than your own. We use this to catch inconsistencies.

So this step catches if there are any outstanding goals in the customer’s eyes that we haven’t thought of in building the website.

Most of what we realized is that there is no set products within Kathleen’s quiver of services; there is no set price. One goal might be to create introductory specials or a set pricing framework that allows people to compare cost vs. benefit. That way, people can make decisions. We called this productization in the above mind map.

Along with the products that she will create, she will also do short videos explaining her value, as well as compile a list of testimonials to build trust. Some helpful image snapshots of her in various poses will help her visitors try out some of the poses for various ailments or pains. Remember, folks: if your customers can try out something that you are providing expert advice for, it’s a win-win. That’s why you test drive cars before you buy them, or try on shoes before purchase.

6. You.

And finally, there’s Kathleen herself. Remember, one of the 3 goals for the website is let the passion shine through. This is critical for solopreneurs, micropreneurs and small entrepreneurs, because so much of your small business is dependent upon personal relationships.

Therefore, we have to know about Kathleen – and then people can choose her. So, what’s Kathleen like?

The Essence of Kathleen – warm and helpful, with a twist of eccentric. I love it.

Notice that she’s purple. Don’t ask me why, this stuff just comes out with mind mapping (and it’s too long to explain).

What came out of the Kathleen mind map is that she wants to convey a sense of being a REAL person. Approachable. Helpful. Perhaps a bit playful.

Your True job title.

Kathleen’s official title is Yogi. What does that convey? Wise, but from a distance. Knowledge, but cryptic. Ancient, not necessarily warm. We gotta warm that sauce before anyone gets it.

Yoga is not just for hippies – it’s for anyone that wants greater health. Therefore, we’re branding Kathleen is a health consultant, disguised as a friendly, approachable person, who just happens to sell yoga.

How does that expand the function of the website? Quite a bit. If we focus on solutions to health problems, the benefit rises to the top – and the first thing the visitor sees – the benefit to them.

In conclusion….

We started off with focusing on the services and segments of your customer. This defines who you are building your website for.

Then, we switched to the goals and essence of your business. This helps you personalize your website and create a bond between the customer and you.

These 6 mind maps have done what every small business marketer must do before designing (or redesigning) your website; capture the essence of what your small business is about – you. The solopreneur IS their service. It’s personal. Without it, you cannot distinguish yourself from other businesses around you.

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