Podcast Interview: Gary Angel, Creator of Web Functionalism.

Listen: Podcast Interview with Gary Angel, Creator of FunctionalismIn our On The Lake podcast interview, Gary and Gregory discuss not only the creation of Functionalism as a website development tool, but also how Functionalism…

  • Applies to Google Analytics to improve many types of analytics KPIs,
  • Changes those KPI’s based on Functionalism page type,
  • Can create a common language between web consultants, employees & clients, thereby making website development accessible to everyone in the business. (the whole team can get involved!)

Functionalism is simple to learn (but oh so important!)

We also talk candidly with Mr. Angel about his favorite Functionalism page type, his Philosophy background (and if Functionalism was a philosophy, which one it would be!), and his favorite current book.

About Gary Angel.

Bringing over twenty years of experience in decision support, CRM, and software development, Gary co-founded Semphonic and is president and chief technology officer. He’s responsible for leading Semphonic’s development of Web analytics and SEM decision making tools for web marketing professionals. In addition, he helps companies like WebMD, Intuit, American Express and Charles Schwab maximize their web channel marketing through intelligent use of Enterprise Web Analytics.

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