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Gshift Interview

Just back from SES…

We just got back from Search Engine Strategies NYC 2010 – and it was a helluva lot of fun. We met a couple of the big boys & girls of the web (people from Google, Bing, Facebook) which was awe-inspiring. But we also met some smaller companies with brilliant minds. gShiftLabs is working on something called web presence optimization software, and that’s what this interview is about.

Our interview with gShiftLabs.

What is WPO – Web Presence Optimization?

Web presence optimization is the optimization of your ENTIRE web presence. In SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your goal is to optimize your website for search engines. In WPO, your goal is to optimize all organic results, everywhere – websites, social sites, news releases, emails, social bookmarking, and more.

That means no matter where your customer is, they’ll find you.

Web presence optimization means optimizing for all points of contact – wherever your customer is, there you'll be!


What, is this difficult or something?

Yes, actually it is. Internet marketers like me that take the long view (and do not limit themselves strictly to SEO)  are still struggling to find the answer. It takes time to aggregate information by hand, and it’s a sloppy method at best.

So, what does gShiftLabs do?

gShiftLabs is designing software to implement this ‘total web presence’ solution. Their ultimate goal is to aggregate as many API’s from different sources as possible – that means you get a more complete picture of where your customers are finding you, and why.

So, is there like something free here?

Well, we certainly would not offer anything on their behalf. Their Beta release of the software is this April – and if you make a good case for being a Beta tester (update: beta test is over – checkout product overview, instead), you might just have a free (for now, dear reader) piece of ‘just pressed’ software on your hands.

I certainly hope that writing an article about this exciting field of developing software will make me the ‘perfect’ tester! For now, we can all hope for a more unified testing solution for our web presence.

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