Blip: Interview with Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image

How can you start with social media marketing?

Just last night I went to a great networking event in Stamford, CT. I met Harrison Tonne from Rapture Image, the speaker for the evening. He gave a mini-seminar about social media marketing (SMM) and how it can help your business.

What did we learn?

There are many ways to implement SMM, but what if you’re just starting? What can you do right now if you’re just beginning with this whole social thing?

1. Interact. SMM is not about simply creating accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Social media is just that – social. You have to interact in order to be successful.

2. It works. SMM works, because the Meetup we went to didn’t have ONE flyer made, not one phone call placed. Over 100 people came to the event with nothing more than a posting to (and, we’ll admit it, the hard work of Harrison, but you know it takes dedication!)

3. Almost everyone else is just like you. Everyone is ‘just beginning’ – so don’t consider that a hurdle to start! You have to DO IT, then you learn the nuances of how to do it better, faster, and with more impact. And that helps you with your bottom line – profits.

4. It’s easy. With my little FlipCam, a YouTube account, and about 30 minutes time, total, we’re online and you’re watching. And your customers will do the same!

So why not start now? Get going, folks!

– Gregory

Greg Cox

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