Meet Lew: Part 3 of 3 of Brainstorming with Vision

An example of brainstorming with vision.

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Hi everyone! You’ll note that this article is much shorter than others.  That’s because I threw out my hand – writing about 120 pages of content not to mention the last dozen or so articles that I’ve written for this blog!) for one of my customers, Lew Lombardo at Ultimate Restoration.  Therefore, you will find an audio file below.

I’m using voice recognition right now, in fact, and I find it pretty easy.  Specifically, Windows Speech Recognition, and I find it just as easy to use as Dragon Naturally Speaking.  So instead of thinking of potential carpal tunnel syndrome as a disadvantage, I’m using this is an opportunity to learn more about voice recognition software.  And you will benefit in the future!

Perhaps I will not have to rely upon audio after all.

Lew restores muscle cars and does auto repair. Click on the audio file below to hear how the Customer Brainstorming session helped him!

This article is about Lew.

Lew is one of my newest clients, and we just took his site live a few days ago. He does auto repair, auto maintenance, car restoration, and a host of other services.

It’s just a great example of how brainstorming with customers can be very effective in furthering your business goals, and bottom line profits.

Enjoy! – Gregory

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