Top 10 Biggest Mistakes in Web Promotion (and Sales)

We’ve seen the same mistakes made over and over again with dozens of clients and websites. Want to know what they are? Now is your chance! Download this FREE 24 page report and learn if YOUR website passes the test!

A summary of the top ten mistakes companies make in internet marketing are below.

  1. Does your website have text? Some sites are simply pretty pictures and snazzy graphics, but without text “Google Food” you’re SUNK. Put the right text in there so your customers will find you!
  2. What is your Link Popularity? Do other websites point to you? How can you learn what your link popularity is? How can you improve it? Why is it important to Google?
  3. Are you using Keywords and Metatags correctly? You probably know by now that ‘keywords’ and ‘metadata’ are important concepts to understand and use, but did you know you can get penalized, even DROPPED from search engines for using them incorrectly? Learn how to create metatags that drive TARGETED traffic to your website.
  4. Do you have enough pages? A common problem with websites is that you don’t have enough pages to promote. Learn how to easily discover content to build your page numbers.
  5. Does your website have HELPFUL content? Search engines were designed to organize and categorize USEFUL CONTENT on the web. Educated visitors buy more. Learn how to educate your customers and they will buy, buy, buy!
  6. Is your website designed correctly? Many websites built from scratch or from templates are brimming with CODING NO-NOs that could prevent your website from even being ‘spidered’ by search engines! Learn what to avoid and how to correct your mistakes!
  7. Is your website laid out correctly? Bad navigation, haphazard layout and sloppy graphics create a negative experience and inhibit visitors from finding what they want. Learn basic, universal layout principles that EVERY website should use.
  8. Do you distinguish yourself? Are you compelling? Why should people buy from you? What makes you different?
  9. Are you sticky? Do your customers buy from you REPEATEDLY & tell OTHERS to do so? Learn ‘viral marketing’ & why it works.
  10. Are you monitoring your website success? Are you able to track the sales process from search engine to sale? What is your visitor traffic over time? What type of person is buying from you?

Greg Cox

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